Dear, Caprice Cat

Oct 01

Our first wedding anniversary

I’m really lazy to maintenance this site…

Anyway, today is one of special day for me and my wife. You know what?
It was the first wedding anniversary. So, we celebrated our anniversary in Sushi-damo, Japanese restaurant.

Actually, we’ve passed by the restaurant few times, but we’ve never gone into the restaurant because we suspect that the price must be expensive.

But we’ve been curious about that. Because, that looks sophisticated, clean, and what’s more, they surve Japanese food.

So, we decided to go there for our celebration.

Actually, the price was not so expensive than I expected.
And, we ordered a “sushi”, it was really great!! It reminds me of Japan.
In addition, a waitress was really helpful, thoughtful and sensible.

We’ll go there again regardless of any celebration…maybe!

Apr 11
Cherry Blossom in Ken-wood, Bethesda, Montgomery county, MD

Cherry Blossom in Ken-wood, Bethesda, Montgomery county, MD


Not so easy

It takes about 1 month since I arrived at here.

I’ve not still spoken English well. I remember I thought, when I lived in Japan, it might be easy to brush my English skill up. Just three minutes ago, I But, actually, I can’t recall many words, phrases, idioms which I studied in Japan. Flatly speaking, it even seems getting worse! Oh Gosh !

So I made a routine duties to improve this situation. But above all things, I’ve got to get up at 10 to 7a.m. tomorrow, and watch news on TV.

By the way, I went to Ken-wood, where was known by a beautiful spot in Montgomery County in this season. There were plenty of cherry blossoms in flower, it was like a long flower tunnels all around. So beautiful!

Mar 28

Restart studying English

Hi there,
Nobody knows that I start a diary today, so I feel free to dialize in English not to be afraid of taking grammatical mistakes.
Anyway, I must get accustomed to English as soon as possible, even if only slightly.
I think that to write in my dairy is a instructive way for me to familiarize myself with English-speaking sphere.
Now that I start it, I’m sure to keep a diary!

Jan 28

Step by step

It had a little snow in Tokyo yesterday. Here is still cold.
Anyway, My wife took a day off yesterday, I wanted to leave my office by 7 p.m., but I couldn’t. In the result I reached home at 10:30 p.m. because of my heavy tasks. I was sorry for staying her alone into the evening.
After I came home, we had a little chat in English with having a few glasses of beer, to get accostomed to speak English.
I have only 22 buisiness days to leave Japan except two weeks job traning term at National Personnel Authority. I can’t beleive it!
I have to accelerate blushing up my English, gathering a lot of information that I need to write a report, prepareing for leaving Japan!!Fight!!

Jan 24

Departure date was determined

I am happy that this page is still alive!!
I haven’t refleshed this page long time, I thought it closed automatically by the administrator on this site.

Anyway, My departure date to D.C. was set on March 13th!!

There is barely a little time to blush up my English, I went to the English school. The school starts next month. I’ll do my best!

Dec 10

A new life

I got married on September this year, and it has gone by a month since we set up a house at Tokyo.

The new life is almost good and happy!!

Aug 23


In these days, it have been very hot in Japan at record pace.
The hottest temperature was 40.9 celsius degrees at Kumagaya city(Saitama Pref.) in last week. But it is unbelievably cool today.
A cool breeze makes me feel upcoming autumn.

Jul 17

Followed by the 4th typhoon, there was a big earthquake in Niigata Prefecture on 16th. 9 peaple were killed  and approximately 900 peaple was wounded by the earthquake.

Jul 10


I got up at a quater after 6 a.m. today because I was on a early shift.

And I closed my apartment’s door, went downstairs, and I was about to ride on my bicycle as usual. But I realized that there was not the saddle! I think it was stolen during last night.

I was obliged to get on a bus, and I couldn’t reach my office in time.